New Construction looks good for lending

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New Construction looks good for lendingRencent news are showing good news in the construction industry in Utah and Idaho. We have certainly seen a jump in loan applications and we have worked very hard at meeting all the deadlines from the construction loan applications submitted to our office, and we are pleased to be helping many families start construction on homes in Utah and Idaho.

In a recent article at the Salt Lake Tribune titled Building permit numbers rise locally, sales climb in most regions of country.¬†we see evidence that “Builders locally took out permits for the construction of 583 single-family homes, up from 357 in April 2011, according to Construction Monitor, a service that tracks homebuilding in the West.”

CCS Loans has been the construction lender of choice for hundreds of custom home projects over the years. Let us know if we can help you with your construction loan.

2 Comments on “New Construction looks good for lending”

  1. Robert Stidd

    I own a house in Murray . The lot is verry nice , but the house is very old and needs to be torn down. Sinse the house is paid for I would like to build anew one. I need to know what I need to do to qualify for a construction loan. We do have a rough set of plans to get a idea for a loan. does it help to have partners? do I need partners?

  2. gunther

    Generally the starting point is to have a set of plans and a building budget, so we can understand the scope of the construction and how much money you will need. Please call the office with further questions, we are happy to help.

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