The Source of Capital for Construction Loans

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CCS Loans - The Source of Capital for Construction LoanThe first quarter of 2012 has been great for construction lending in Utah and Idaho. We are seeing increases in residential construction, larger loan amounts and a better outlook about the future than we have for quite some time.

One important difference that we noticed is that today’s home owners are more than ever insisting in the best value proposition. People are weighting the options and choosing more efficient home designs, more affordable building methods and materials.

In this landscape CCS Loans is doing quite well. Our impressive construction loans have been the source of financing for many of the new homes in our footprint. It is nice to have our neighbors trust us as the source of capital for their construction projects.

4 Comments on “The Source of Capital for Construction Loans”

  1. charlie clark

    Hello , I am interested in building a home for my self
    i have been in the building trade for over 30 years, i have built several home with other builders and am now ready to build for myself,could you please tell me if
    i have a lot under contract may i use the fund that I
    have in the lot as part of the down payment or may I
    have the owner subordinate the lot back to you as down
    payment,then pay the balance of the lot at the end of the
    payment schedule look forward to herring from you soon.

  2. gunther

    Your funds used towards the purchase of the lot are counted towards your downpayment. Also, lot subordinations can be approved as a part of structuring your construction loan. Call our office and we’ll be happy to help you with your new home.

  3. David J McDonald

    I am looking to build a home, need a construction loan. i would like to borrow 160,000 to 175,000. i have a current contractors license. If you could help in any way,. it would very much be appreciated. Thanks, David J McDonald

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