A Badge of Honor

Do you know how to tell a company that knows construction lending? Find an institution that didn’t get in trouble with banking regulators during the real estate downturn. Or better yet, find an institution that is not only growing their construction lending portfolio today, but that never stopped doing construction loans during the downturn. If you do, you’ve probably found Construction Capital Source.

Credit Unions and Community Banks

Since 2003, CCS has provided its Credit Union and Community Bank partners with high quality construction loan portfolios, construction and commercial loan management services, and other consulting needs. We are the experts in your corner. Since inception, CCS has lent and managed over $500 Million in construction loans throughout the Intermountain West with a track record that has kept our portfolios performing in good times, and more importantly, in not so good times.

CCS, its policies and procedures, and its loans have regularly been audited by the FDIC, the OTS, and theNCUA, and have regularly performed.

CCS Services

  • Construction Lending – Our system of construction lending allows our Credit Union or Bank partners to have full disclosure on each loan, complete decision making power on each loan, without having to do the heavy lifting required of a high touch asset class.
  • Solar, Roofing and HVAC Green Loan – home improvement loans that improve cash flow for the customer by increasing home energy efficiency.
  • Construction Loan Servicing – Our disbursement policies and procedures are time tested (and builder tested) to protect our institution partners interests, while maintaining a high level of customer service.
  • Distressed Property Management – Our team is very experienced with loan workouts, incomplete construction projects, and distressed property management.
    A construction loan portfolio’s success depends not only to how you underwrite files, but how you manage the disbursement process on the active loans. Remember, most of the work on a construction loan starts when the loan is closed. Contact us to see how we can be an expert in your corner.

Tailored Services for Your Portfolio’s Needs

If your Financial Institution is looking for a solid partner to bring options to your loan portfolio, give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss your unique institution’s needs. Feel free to reach out to us at info@ccsloans.com or by calling our office at 801-826-4848.